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Welcome to École Voyageur!

Welcome to our website, from all of us, administrators and teachers at École Voyageur! We are thrilled to welcome your child into our school, which is an inclusive environment that everybody can enjoy. Small and big successes are part of everyday life so that everyone can find their own path and fulfill their dreams.

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École Voyageur is proud to welcome in its new building a significant number of military families who speak French and come from all around the world. Newcomers contribute greatly to the Francophone community and in return, the community’s history contributes to the growth of the newcomers’ new cultural roots. We take this journey together to develop a feel and a sense of pride that will help our students thrive in French in a minority environment!



École Voyageur, as a Francophone school, functions entirely in French. Activities at the school tend to instill a sense of identity amongst the students and to promote the linguistic, cultural and religious heritage of the French-speaking community.

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Tournée virtuelle

How to use rapid test - Child


My roots lead to my future!




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Families who chose Truly Bilingual Education for their children

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Winter course

Every year, our grade 10-12 students have the opportunity to participate in a winter course in Jasper.

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100 years for 100 days

Our students dress up like they were 100 years old since there are 100 days left of school.



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Le petit Poucet

Our grade 6-11 students presented the play "Le petit Poucet" to the students.

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Questions and answers

The school provides an inclusive and differentiated program to answer the francization needs of each child or student, from preschool to Grade 12. The resource that we use for assessment, support and follow-up is called “Seuil repères’’ and is published by Alberta Education.

The school must teach the same programs as all the English language schools. Starting in 3rd Grade, students have to attend English classes, as prescribed by the Ministry. Students who do not speak English can benefit from the same differentiated services as the students needing francization. We use the “Proficiency Benchmarks “, as prescribed by the Ministry, for assessing and following-up in English as a second language.

Parents are always welcome at the school. Even if you do not speak French, you will have many opportunities to get involved in the life of the school. Parents are encouraged to give their name if they wish to volunteer and they will be assigned to appropriate activities according to their level of proficiency, in the language of their choice.

The school supports the education of students who have different learning needs. The school provides professional assessments and testing starting in early childhood. Personalized action plans are developed in collaboration with the parents, including the necessary programs and support for these students according to their needs.

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A great school at the heart of a great community! - École Voyageur, Cold Lake