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Response and emergency plans - Hour Zero

Schools are a safe environment for students and staff. The School Board’s first duty is to know how to manage emergencies, no matter what they are, and to do so in a fast, accurate and efficient way, as well as to do its due diligence to prevent any kind of emergency situation from happening.

We must all be well prepared in case of such events, as the consequences of this type of incidents can be difficult to measure.

Standard protocols and procedures are at the base of all interventions, but the way that one manages an emergency situation is also influenced by the specifics of an incident. Our main concern is the safety of our students and staff.

The Plan is part of other local emergency plans, since an emergency at the school can lead to the involvement of many agencies. The plans that were created for the schools, as well as the School Board’s plan, are reviewed annually and after an emergency situation occurs.